Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch - Awaken the Soul

In addition to receiving the benefits of a facial such as deep pore cleansing, exfoliation of dead cells, toning the skin and increasing circulation with massage, jade tools, and crystals, you may add on Therapeutic Touch (TT) or Singing bowl therapy to enhance your facial.

By adding TT you will increase healing where pain and stress can lie dormant creating “issues in the tissues” as they say.
Therapeutic Touch has been known to help people with pain or are going through treatment for cancer. TT has helped to remove blocks of energy and helps to relieve pain. Many nurses and practitioners have used this type of modality to help regain a sense of balance and restoration leaving the client feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful. It can help restore the body, mind and soul by aiding the healing process.

Singing Bowl Therapy

With Singing bowl therapy or sound healing, the vibrations can shift our negative thinking and feeling to a more positive frame of mind. We can return ourselves to better health just by the higher vibrational frequency. Have you ever felt down or not in a good place and then turned on a song that made you feel better or happy? Same idea. Our body and mind responds to lower and higher vibrations by how we feel, think, act, eat, etc. Listening to the sounds of singing bowls will raise your vibration and leave you feeling more intuitive, calm, balanced and peaceful.