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At Awaken The Soul, your skin will be replenished and your soul will be nourished.

In this world today we try many ways to make ourselves look better. Use this cream to fix one thing and that serum to fix another. Let alone the many types of treatments, devices and surgeries to prevent us from aging. Don’t get me wrong, everyone can use a little help to make us look better. Being in the industry as an Aesthetician for more than two decades I know the many choices in the field of Aesthetics.

However, without addressing the stressors that can cause premature aging we will continually race against time trying to erase, debunk and beat the effects of life.

The imbalances of stress, fatigue, worry, fear and anxiety will affect the outside of you as well as the inside, mirroring your skin the way that you feel and bringing “issues in the tissues”.

What we feel will reflect on our faces but a balanced body, mind and spirit will mirror beautiful, healthy, radiant looking skin.

I will help you to get back to a place of balance by incorporating skincare, Therapeutic Touch energy healing and/or sound therapy with my beautiful Tibetan bowls and crystal healing modalities.

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